Irrigation Specialists

At C4 Landscaping we believe in using the highest quality parts and techniques available to insure every landscape runs at maximum efficiency from day one. We not only use industry leading products, we also believe in training our team members to ensure consistent standards are applied to every job.

Irrigation Auditing

We believe in testing all systems to make sure they run at maximum efficiency. There are many ways to maximize a systems efficiency that can be cost effective and simple. If your looking to maximize water efficiency while reducing water use in your landscape we're ready to help!

Certified Irrigation Technicians

At C4 Landscaping we have certified techs that can improve efficiency, produce healthier plants by watering for each plants specific needs, and seasonally adjust your system to reduce water waste and save you money.

Irrigation Services

  • New Installation (conventional / 2 wire decoder)
  • Irrigation Design
  • System Repair 
  • Decoder Repair
  • Timer custom scheduling / replacement 
  • Sprinkler head adjustment / relacement 
  • Valve Replacement 
  • Pressure Regulation
  • System Auditing 

A well maintained irrigation system will save you money and keep your landscape material looking sharp year round.

Certified Rain Bird and Hunter Installers

Quality Brands Create Reliable Irrigation Systems


Water Efficient Landscapes

A key component to any landscape big or small is water efficiency. Every landscape we design or install uses the best water practices and approved products to ensure proper watering without creating water runoff.