Commercial / Residential Maintenance

Mowing (Weekly Service)


Weekly maintenance to keep any lawn looking great year round. 



Pruning makes sure your shrubs stay in shape and add to the overall appeal of your landscape through the changing seasons.

Spring / Fall Clean-ups


Let our experienced team get your yard ready for the upcoming season so you can sit back and relax while knowing your yard is on the right path when it comes to cleanliness.

Seasonal Color Displays (i.e. Fall Bulbs, Annual Flowers, Holiday plantings)


Adding a pop of color can spruce up any yard.  Let us give you some ideas on what will work well with your existing landscape.



Fertilization is a huge part of achieving the garden oasis clients desire.  We fertilize in a responsible manner to create a healthy and cost effective yard.

Weed Control


Weed control keeps lawns and gardens manicured and reduces weed pressure on surrounding landscape.  Keeping a yard weeded insures a healthy yard year round.

Sprinkler Maintenance


Make sure your irrigation system is ready to perform to its fullest all season long. Our qualified crew specializes in system repairs and optimization.  An efficient watering  system saves water and money while still keeping your landscape looking great.

Ground Dressings (i.e. Bark, Rock, Compost, Chrushed Rock etc.)


We offer a large variety of ground dressings from trusted local vendors. Ground dressings create a moisture barrier to reduce the loss of water through evaporation.

Trash Hauling


Do you have built up debris in your yard? Our crews can remove debris to make your home or business look presentable any time of year.